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  The next forum will be held on 6th.  February 2018 in the Jubilee Room NSW Parliament House on the topic of:-





    Speakers include:


   Professor Maurice Pagnucco - University of New South Wales
   Dr.  Chang Xu - The University of Sydney
    Robert Sternhell - BA (Hons 1st class) Artificial Intelligence (Sydney)
   Jeff Grimshaw - Adaptive Business Intelligence


   Check Eventbrite for link to online booking 






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Social Policy




Western Heritage Australia

1. To reaffirm the Western cultural tradition
within the Australian community.

2. To support the basic institutions inherent within
this tradition including the dignity, value and liberty
of the individual.

3. Recognising the traditional family
as the primary component in a stable society.

4. Strengthening the family through the
restoration of parental authority.

5. The restoration of childhood and an end
to the premature sexualisation of the young.

6. To promote true free enterprise, the work ethic, and those
attitudes which will reduce our dependence on both the finance
and welfare sectors.

7. To defend our language, restore our national pride
and preserve our shared heritage.

8. To promote Australian membership of a world wide
political and economic union of Western democratic
nations and to affirm that Australia is and shall
remain part of the Western world.

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