Introducing the Fellowship


Introducing the Fellowship

Good Evening

Now I would like to introduce you to the Fellowship of the Round Table.  The Fellowship of the Round Table is an idea whose time has come. 

Do you sometimes wonder whether the world you belong to is headed for some kind of catastrophe.  Do you have less freedom, more anxiety, lower self esteem and more debt than your parents and grand parents might have had at the same time of life -and this is spite of the greatest upsurge of scientific innovation and material welfare in all of history ? Why ? 

Is your history and heritage a matter of pride to you, or something to be embarrassed and ashamed of ?  Are you even aware of how your world was created - by bold pioneers and innovators who did believe in their heritage and did not walk in fear of their very shadows. 

Fear, guilt and shame is the albatross which we must get off our backs.  Likewise despair, self hatred and the collective death wish which is now the unofficial religion of the Western mind.  Our organisation F.O.R.T (now F.O.R.T is an acronym which means 'The Fellowship of the Round Table') speaks of the regeneration of the Western Soul.  In practice this means harnessing folk memory as a catalyst for social change.  We seek to create an aristocracy of conscience which will vanquish this corrosive and damnable ethic of fear and shame which is only fit for slaves.

I grew up at a time when I still believed that the civilisation I was part of had a future.  I have now been walking in the shadow of other people's apprehension and paranoia and I'm getting sick of it.   We belong to an organization which feels that nothing is but thinking makes it so, and you are what you think, and if you think you are a slave you are a slave and if you think you are a free and sovereign person then that is what you shall be.  Honour, chivalry, service and nobility is the ethic which we carry on our little banner.  We may not always live up to it but we certainly try.  It's an idea - and maybe an idea whose time has come.  

The Fellowship believes in three things (primarily) - a lot of other things and there's a lot of political disagreement about small things but there's agreement about big things. 

The sovereignty of the individual - you are not a slave - you will not be owned - you will not be tyrannized by any power outside of your sovereign will because the state is what you created. It has no rights.  Rights are what you give to those who govern you by surrendering voluntarily something of your sovereign will to a collective apparatus called the state for the convenience which is offers. You give it the right to exist. You are a sovereign person created with innate dignity, this is the Sovereignty of the individual. 

Sanctity of conscience.  That requires no explanation (it means that "the buck stops here"). Respect for true morality above and beyond any written law is the final test for a truly civilised person. Your conscience is the final court of appeal in all matters of civic duty; always was; always will be.  The sanctity of life - that goes without saying. No person is expendable in the interests of any so called greater cause. Human life is sacred. 

Now we believe a lot of other things and we sponsored a lot of meetings and we've had fascinating times and we'd like you to share in those times if you live in Sydney New South Wales maybe you'd like to come to one of our forums where you'll meet a lot of other people talking about all sorts of things which we have nothing to do with but which they give us the opportunity of sharing. 

We believe in consciousness raising.  You may read here at the bottom of our statement - "The Round Table forums are an initiative of the Fellowship of the Round Table" (they're the meetings we put on) "a non affiliated, non profit discussion and study group which aims to raise political and cultural consciousness and to network for creative social change." 

We think we're an idea whose time has come.  We think we represent something which is not readily represented by any other organization.  We are not a political party. We're nothing to do with politics or any other organization for that matter - nothing whatsoever.  We're nothing to do with money.  We haven't got any.  We're about an idea.  We are about getting away from fear, shame, guilt & paranoia and being the free people that Westerners once were, with pride in that freedom. 

Now if that idea interests you quite simple - just email us and I'll tell you how - one word 'fortaustralia' -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (home is where the heart is) 

Or if you believe in the old fashioned method you could write to us at our box number - P.O Box 828, Broadway, New South Wales, 2007 and that's enough if you live in Australia, but if you don't live in Australia add the word Australia. 

Thank you - it's been a pleasure to talk to you.
"Introducing the Fellowship" (of the Round Table) was recorded on the evening of Tuesday 13th. April 2010.


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